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Yacht charter and boat hire in the Algarve

With year-round sunshine situated in the southwest corner of Europe, Portugal is one of the warmest countries on the continent. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and light breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, it is the ideal location for a yacht charter or boat hire.

During the summer months of June to mid-September, sailors can expect average temperatures of 24°C. During the  winter months of  November to March,  these tend to be slightly cooler reaching temps of 16°C.

Also keep in mind when planning, the more north you go in Portugal the wetter the winter months, while southern spots such as the Algarve stay relatively sunny and dry.

What are you waiting for? Charter a yacht with a crew or rent a boat, sit back, relax, and enjoy Portugal’s 300 days of sunshine.

Something for her - charter a yacht to suit your special occasion

There is a whole range of charter yachts to choose from or boats to hire, with or without crew. Choose to suit your needs, remembering each vary in size, style, function, and facilities offered.

At the heart of a successful yacht charter are the ship’s crew. It is they who will knit the service and amenities you require together, bring the personal touch and make everything flow smoothly.

A fantastic yacht charter crew can really bring the whole experience together with a truly personal service. It is this which ensures privacy, pleasure, and relaxation.

Prior to a charter commencing, a good crew will enquire about your expectations, food preferences and any specific requirements. It is important to select a yacht with a crew in place that matches your needs and special moments. It might be a child friendly crew, those trained in specific water sports or more importantly for those wanting to be entertained by a highly trained chef.

Freedom on your yacht charter

A yacht charter is a truly liberating experience like no other, offering a feeling of freedom and escapism.

A yacht charter allows you to explore the Algarve’s shoreline, which is home to beautiful beaches, peaceful bays and hidden coves and spectacular scenery.

luxury boat rental algarve – vilamoura cove

If there is a particular destination, landmark, or one of the fabulous beaches on the Algarve or a special place that you would like to see, it is possible to incorporate it into your charter itinerary before you go, or if something appeals to you along the way your Captain may be able to make it happen, ask before you book, your charter or yachting experience.

If you want to do some shopping and sightseeing at any point, you can have a car organised or maybe enjoy a leisurely stroll and stop off for lunch at a café bistro along the way.

A charter yacht is the ultimate platform for exploration where you are free to set your own course. From romantic hideaways to beach clubs, all with the added luxury of unbeatable service and gourmet cuisine, no request is too big or too small.

Yacht charter dining and champagne experiences

Portuguese cuisine is delicious. Traditional dishes are packed with flavors as rich as the culture. Common ingredients include fish, meat, olive oil, and spices.

During your yacht charter, you will find coastal towns filled with restaurants serving some of the finest fish on the continent. After a long day sailing, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Pastéis de nata, Portugal’s most beloved pastry.

Champagne Cruises, Vilamoura

If you are planning a visit to Vilamoura and want to do something special, speak with the team at Champagne Cruises Vilamoura.

They offer fantastic cruises tailored to your needs. Whether that is a morning or afternoon boat charter. A full day, cruising the Algarve coastline through the stunning rock formations celebrating your birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage proposal or party on one of their full day boat cruises.

luxury boat rental algarve

For something special how about a romantic sunset boat cruise, enjoying the view of the Algarve sunset.

Creating all these memorable experiences will be down to the super crew; Tiago, Edwardo and Henrique, who are highly rated as some of the most knowledgeable and described as amazing at what they do making you feel safe and all three of the team will provide the best experience and show you the best parts of the Algarve.

  • Villa Cascata to Vilamoura Marina - 23 mins drive and 14.5 km away
  • Loja 11, Cais Q, Vilamoura Marina,8125-409 Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal
  • Phone: +351 289 388 137
  • Average seawater temperature in summer (ºC) 20-23 ºC
  • Good for families and couples
  • Car parking
  • Facilities available at the marina; restaurants, bars, clubs, designer shopping

Luxury private yacht charter with Timeless Moments Yacht Charters

Vilamoura and Albufeira are the hub of yacht charters and boat tours for the region.

Vilamoura is a multiple award-winning Marina offering berths for over 800 yachts. It is a truly impressive location and should be on your list of Central Algarve places to visit.

Being a Marina location, it is no surprise that Vilamoura offers the best selection of yacht charters and luxury cruise experiences in the Algarve.

Vilamoura also marks a line where to the East the coastline is flat and calm yet immediately to the West the coastline is more rugged with sea caves, grottoes and hidden beaches accessible only from the sea becoming more the norm.

Private Chef cruise experience

Delight in your Algarve luxury yacht charter with a private chef on-board catering to your tastes with a fantastic selection of stunning food for you to enjoy as you cruise.

These cruises with private chef are bespoke and so tailored to your culinary tastes and requirements.

With 6 chefs available the team will plan the day with you to make sure the details are perfect. The ingredients are always of the highest quality and we source locally from the best suppliers. They work with many local Portuguese suppliers to also offer a tasteful and whole selection of wines to suit all tastes.

  • Cruise on a choice of yachts to suit
  • Departing for the award winning Vilamoura Marina
  • Limousine transfer available on request
  • Espumante, toast and selection of fine wines
  • Private chef preparing food to your tastes
  • Cruise to the Seacaves and work up an appetite with some swimming and snorkelling
  • Relax at anchor and enjoy a wonderful lunch whilst taking it all in
  • Sunset champagne and meal option

Full day cruise experience

The full day cruise offers plenty of time to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of the Algarve coastline and lifestyle as you take lunch at a selection of wonderful beachfront restaurants.

Typically the full day (7 Hour) cruise will depart from Vilamoura Marina at around 10.00 or 13.00. The later option will offer the same experience but with a chance to see the stunning sunset at the end of the cruise.

From Vilamoura Marina you have a choice to go west or east and as this is a private charter then it’s entirely up to you. The coastline to the west of Vilamoura is much more dramatic and is the location of the cliffs and sea caves that typify the postcard images of the Algarve´s stunning coastline. We have the Xorino Caves and of course we have the famous Benagil Cave which people travel from across the globe just to see.

On a full day cruise, there’s some flexibility to plan the exact route and schedule based on the days sea conditions and weather.

Your captain will always try to get as close to the caves as possible and even inside a few of them if the sea conditions allow.

The crew will also try to stop for time to swim, snorkel, use the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) or the inflatable RIB depending again on sea conditions.

Having worked up an appetite you will then stop at a favourite beach front restaurants for lunch and a chance to enjoy some amazing seafood and other local and super fresh specialties.

Next, you will have some time to just simply cruise and savour the natural sights and sounds with a selection of beverages to suit your mood.

  • Villa Cascata to Vilamoura Marina – 23 mins drive and 14.5 km away
  • Vilamoura Marina Edificio Vilamarina Loja 22. Vilamoura. Algarve 8125-403 Quarteira Portugal
  • Phone: +351 910 092 222
  • The office is located in the corner behind the Hole in One bar and the Havaianas shop. They are not always at the office so it’s always best to call or email before going to see them
  • Good for families and couples
  • Car parking
  • Facilities available at the marina; restaurants, bars, clubs, designer shopping

Something for him – sailing, surfing and big game fishing machines

Sailing and activities on the Atlantic

Sailing is one of the most unique ways to travel any country. But what if you could enjoy a charter holiday without breaking the bank while exploring the mainland?

Yacht Charter Portugal makes this possible. Visitors from all over the world are traveling to Portugal for its beauty and culture.

sailing algarve portugal | luxury boat rental algarve

However, another top selling point is its affordability. Wine, dine, and sail on a yacht all while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Surfing paradise

Do you know where the Guinness World Record for the largest wave surfed took place?

Portugal! This rather small country is known around the world for its big waves.

A yacht charter in Portugal will help you find some of the best swells and variety of surf breaks Europe has to offer.

What a better way to find the best waves than to sail down the coastline. Jump off your boat rental and grab your board for an afternoon of fun!

During the summer the water temperature averages at 21°C and in winter only goes down to 15°C, so no matter the month one is sure to enjoy Portugal’s temperate waters.

Reef fishing and sea fishing in the Algarve

You can organize fishing trips from ports like Cascais (near Lisbon), Portimao, Vilamoura or Tavira in the Algarve, to Nazare in the North.

 Big game fishing machines

Gentle readers, we have a small request to make. If any of you reading this article are of the fairer sex, we politely encourage you to leave the room. Right now, it’s time for a little ‘guy talk’ and well, you know how that goes. It’s all machismo, with one upmanship, grunts, burps even some (gasp!) profanity.

Okay guys now the coast is clear, let’s talk about the men known as sportfishermen…

Portugal is a premium big game fishing country and has a 943 km coast line, no wonder fishing in Portugal is very popular.

Up to 200 different types of fish can be found in these Atlantic waters including 460kg (1000Ib) marlin, tuna and other big predators.

Madeira and Azores are first class Blue Marlin destinations but let’s not forget the bill fish and the tuna also visit the Algarve.

Situated at 45 nautical miles from Portimao, the Picos Herminios are the hotspot for large blue Marlin, white Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna and shark.

The blue Marlin fishing season starts towards the end of June, when the ocean starts to warm up. Other great sportfish are albacore, dorado, spear fish, skipjack and amberjack. Blue sharks are the most common shark, but you can also catch Mako and Hammerhead sharks.

There are yearly marlin fishing tournaments run from Vilamoura and Tavira.

Xiphias Big Game Fishing Charter

Welcome to Xiphias Big Game Fishing, the team describe themselves, 'as the best deep sea fishing charter in Portugal'.

Big game fishing, Olhao is one of the best destinations in Europe for fishing; Billfish like huge Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish and Giant Bluefin Tuna.

If you love Big Game Fishing, go jump aboard the FANTOM. The boat is based at Olhao marina from May to mid-September and then they move to Vilamoura Marina until the end of the season October 15

  • Villa Cascata to Vilamoura Marina - 38 mins drive and 44.5 km away
  • Xiphias Big Game Fishing, Marina de Olhao, Facing Hotel Real Marina, 8700 Olhâo - Portugal
  • Phone: +33 6 75 37 37 00
  • Car parking
  • Facilities available at the marina; restaurants, bars