Praia dos Olhos de Água Beach

Olhos de Água used to be a small fishermen’s village and is famous for its natural springs. These natural springs look a bit like eyes and gave the beach its name. Praia dos Olhos de Água in English is sometimes called Eyes of water beach. When the tide is low, these freshwater springs can be found on the eastern side of the beach, among the rocks. The water is fresh, cold and can be drunk.

Behind the beach you can also see some colourful boats and fishermen huts. The fishing boats are still in use and you often see fishermen hanging out around here.

During low tide, go left and you can walk along Praia da Falésia all the way to Vilamoura. Walk to the right at low tide, it is also possible to walk to the right, in the direction of Praia da Oura.

  • Villa Cascata to  Praia dos Olhos de Água Beach - 4 mins drive and 3.1 km away
  • Good for families and romantic couples
  • Natural springs
  • Beach walks
  • Blue flag beach, golden sand
  • Car parking and facilities available (bars, restaurant, shops, toilet, showers, loungers, parasols, toilets)

Praia de Santa Eulália

A favourite upmarket beach close to Villa Cascata, the green environment gives the beach a magical fee. The beach is not big, but not small either. We would say it is just the right size! Praia de Santa Eulália has the reputation of being one of the best beaches around Albufeira. The beach is also highly rated on TripAdvisor. Reading the reviews of this beach will make you want to pack your bags and catch the first flight to the Algarve.

  • Villa Cascata to Praia Santa Eulália - 6 mins drive and 3.9 km away
  • Good for families and romantic couples
  • Blue flag beach, golden sand, lifeguard in the summer
  • Car parking
  • Facilities available; upmarket beach bars, restaurants, shops, loungers, parasols, showers, toilets, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, cruising

Praia do Evaristo

A small natural cove of white sand what a total treat especially at sunset, Praia do Evaristo is a small rocky beach in the municipality of Albufeira. The abundance of rocks is what makes this a unique beach. There is a lot of marine life surrounding these rocks underwater, which makes this a great beach for snorkeling. Moreover, you can sometimes spot Portuguese celebrities!

  • Villa Cascata to Praia do Evaristo - 16 mins drive and 10.5 km away
  • Good for families and romantic couples
  • Blue flag beach, lifeguard in summer, golden sand beach cove, good for snorkeling
  • Good to anchor off and take a tender or rib to the shore
  • Car parking
  • Facilities available; beach restaurant, sunbeds, toilets, shower
  • Restaurant that we recommend is the Evaristo restaurant, which compliments an unforgettable place worth visiting.