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"A Luxe Experience"

Upstairs, there are two bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms. There are fitted wardrobes, with drawers, plenty of coat hangers, wooden floors, and air-conditioning. From here you will access the private upstairs outdoor lounge terrace, which overlooks the gardens and swimming pool.

From the terrace you also have a pretty good viewing point for the amazing Portuguese sunsets.

You will find a bedroom on the ground floor with en-suite bathroom. A large fitted  wardrobe, wooden floors, air-conditioning/heating, and access to the private downstairs lounge terrace, which overlooks the gardens and swimming pool.

Not only will you find air-conditioning in the bedrooms, but it has also been equipped throughout Villa Cascata along with heating and underfloor heating in the bathrooms. This makes sure you are 'toasty warm' during the cooler winter evenings.

Each bedroom has extremely comfortable beds, modern fresh décor, separate private terraces, and plenty of space for your relaxation and comfort.

Enjoy your stay at Villa Cascata.

Villa Cascata_Motif
villa Cascata master bedroom

The master bedroom

Enter with the subtle scent in the air of the Algarve, labdanum, the rock rose. A harmonious and romantic haven of light, neutral hues and gold accent. Slip between luxurious bed linen pressed softly against your skin, for a deeply peaceful sleep.

Awaken with the fresh cool breeze from the Atlantic flowing gently throughout the room. Pull back the curtain to your private balcony and with a strong, smooth espresso in hand, sit back and relax as you watch the warming sun as it rises over the Algarve – welcome into Villa Cascata's master bedroom.

The upstairs double bedroom

Sleep easy in this beach inspired space, in coastal classics of blue and white with a silver accent for a touch of elegance. Dream your dreams in luxury, under canopies and beneath the waves enveloped by cool, crisp cotton.

In the morning open your terrace doors, sit, relax and enjoy the early sun kissing your face, whilst you take in a mimosa and a few more indulgent words from your favourite holiday book. Give a small nod to the day ahead, beaches, ocean and dining delights...

villa Cascata green bedroom

The ground floor bedroom

Grey green ocean inspired peacefulness, early in the morning as daylight is dawning wake from the most peaceful slumber. Stretch, move slowly and rise.

Throw open the doors to the large outside terrace and indulge in breakfast pastries, Pastel de natas or a Dom Rodrigos. Smile, what to do with the children today; a waterpark, a sandcastle or even a pony trek, and lunch, something simple sardinhas, caldo verde and wine. Relax and be at one with nature, you are at home in Villa Cascata.

Complimentary toiletries, a gift from us to you

The Anyah spa self-care gift package contains all the amenities you will want to wash away the day with. Ethically sourced and vegan friendly, the set is ideal for the modern health and sustainability conscious looking to unwind guilt free.

  • Expertly made in Italy, Anyah's green spa selection contains an invigorating mini lotion, refreshing body wash, re-energising soap and travel size shampoo to indulge in
  • For those who don’t want to wet their hair a shower cap is also provided
  • Enhance your stay with a handy toiletry set to help you nourish with a spa like feeling
  • Not tested on animals
  • Nourishing effect and vegan friendly