The Algarve provides a perfect blend of natural beauty, family-friendly fun activities, amenities and attractions, making it an excellent choice for a memorable summer holiday with your family.

Benagil Sea Cave Portugal

Beach fun in the Algarve

Enjoy family beach fun activities, the Algarve's beautiful beaches provide plenty of opportunities for family fun. Build sandcastles, play beach games, swim in the sea, or simply relax and soak up the sun together.

aquashow park | Algarve water park

Water parks for all the kids big and small!

Water parks, visit one of the water parks in the Algarve, such as Aquashow Water Park a 20 minute journey from Villa Cascata or Aqualand, or Slide and Splash at Lagoa. These parks offer a variety of water slides, pools, and water-based attractions suitable for all ages.

Zoo Marine Portugal

We're all going to the Zoo tomorrow

Zoomarine is a popular marine theme park near Albufeira. It features dolphin and seal shows, a large aquarium, water slides, a wave pool, and educational presentations about marine life.

Watching dolphins algarve

Dolphin watching around the coast

Dolphin watching, embark on a dolphin-watching boat tour along the Algarve coast. These tours allow families to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, providing a memorable and educational experience.

luxury boat rental algarve portugal

Family boat trips.. simply messing about on the water

Family boat trips, take a boat trip along the coast, exploring hidden caves, cliffs, and remote beaches. Some boat tours also offer activities like snorkeling or fishing, allowing families to enjoy the sea together.

Mini Golf Algarve

Mini golf

Mini golf, enjoy a round of mini-golf at one of the Algarve's many mini-golf courses. This fun and entertaining activity can be enjoyed by the whole family, regardless of age or skill level.

Lagos Zoo

Lagos the jungle the mighty jungle

Lagos Zoo, visit the Lagos Zoo, located near Lagos. This zoo offers a range of animal species, including lions, tigers, monkeys, reptiles, and birds. It also has a petting zoo and a playground.

markus-spiske-A1Yob9kBmKk-unsplash (1)

Family- friendly restaurants

Family-friendly restaurants, sample the local cuisine at family-friendly restaurants in the Algarve. Many establishments offer children's menus and a relaxed atmosphere, making dining out a pleasant experience for the whole family.

Bike Tours.. I like to ride my bicycle..

Bike tours,  explore the Algarve's scenic landscapes on a family bike tour. There are various bike rental shops and guided tours available, catering to different skill levels and age groups.

Sintra Castle

History and all that jazz..

Cultural excursions, discover the Algarve's history and culture by visiting historical sites, such as the old town of Faro, the castle of Silves, or the Sagres Fortress. These excursions provide opportunities for learning and exploration.

These are just a few examples of the family-friendly activities available in the Algarve during the summertime. The region offers a wide range of options to cater to different interests and age groups, ensuring that families can create lasting memories together.